Our committment to the environment

Ressource is one of the last independent French paint manufacturers.

Ressource boasts a long history of mastering colour as it was founded in 1946 by the Société Provençale du Blanc Fixe des Ocres et Couleurs for the purpose of ochre mining in the Roussillon area in Provence.

The roots of the company explain its great expertise in mineral pigments as well as its sensitivity to environmental issues, long before modern regulations were implemented.

Ressource has been a sustainable company since the 90s:

  • We have a no stock policy, tinting paint on demand to avoid waste.
  • We create, distribute and sell long-life paint.
  • We develop water-based products with low VOC levels.

We are a family-run company, which produces and sells its products mainly for the domestic market and as such, we feel highly committed to the environment.

Our awareness in this regard has a direct impact on our vision and our development which involves making responsible choices and acting responsibly for the well-being of our staff and customers and ultimately taking care of the planet today for future generations.

The entire decorative range of Ressource interior paints (Powdery Matte, Silky Matte, Velvety Satin, Water-Based Satin Lacquer, Brilliant Lacquer) is certified A + category for VOC emissions in indoor air.

Ressource wallpapers are also manufactured in Provence, in the workshops of the factory. They also meet strict standards of manufacture and choice of materials.