Collection Sarah Lavoine - Ressource Peintures

Sarah Lavoine

Working alongside Ressource, the designer imagined a line of 36 intense, bright and timeless shades to boost and enhance spaces.

Forestine - une collection de teintes par Annabelle Vermont pour Ressource, Maison d'Edition de Peintures et Papiers Peints


Discover our 28 shades matching Ressource’s very first collection of wall paper.

Collection Serge Bensimon, une collection de teintes par Serge Bensimon pour Ressource, Maison d'Edition de Peintures et Papiers Peints

Serge Bensimon

All 53 shades of this collection are a window on the world, inspired by Latin America and yours to discover.

Les Couleurs Traditionelles, une collection de teintes par RessourceLes Couleurs Traditionelles, une collection de teintes par Ressource

Couleurs traditionnelles

The 64 colors presented here are the result of Patrick Baty’s research on British housing estates dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

Les Couleurs Historiques, une Collection de teintes par Ressource

Couleurs historiques

This collection of 112 shades will show you how modern the oldest of ancient tones can actually look.

Collection Sérénité - Ressource Peintures


In creating the 124 shades of the “Serénité” collection, Philippe Model intended these natural, “easy-going” colors for everyday life.

Itineraires - 4 teintes par 4 créateurs invités pour Ressource, Maison d'édition de Peintures et Papiers Peints


Encounters are at the heart of creativity for Ressource. For this collection, we brought together 4 designer studios, 4 different cities to create 4 shades each. Discover Lyon, Nantes, Nice and Marseille in 16 shades as seen by the designers who live there!

Collection Cohérence - Ressource Peintures


Robert Gervais’s collection comprises 16 dark and neutral colored shades which give contemporary interiors their characteristic feel.

Confluence - une collection de teintes par Robert Gervais pour Ressource, Maison d'Edition de Peintures et Papiers Peints


Robert Gervais created exclusively for Ressource a collection of 8 timeless shades that render deep, long-lasting, and fresh atmospheres.

The 1950's Colours - une Collection de teintes par Patrick Baty pour Ressource

The 1950’s Colours

In 48 shades, this “Modernist” range bears witness to the post-war creative force in England and in France, right up to the 60s.

Collection The 1960's Colours - Ressource Peintures

The 1960’s Colours

Rediscover 25 shades from a variety of decorative features of the 60s, such as wall paper, material, crockery and plastic objects.

Collection The 1970's Colours - Ressource Peintures

The 1970’s Colours

The 1970’s Colours is a collection made up of 16 iconic colours of that decade as well as a gradient of 8 “Pure Greys”.

Collection Paris Rive Droite Rive Gauche - Ressource Peintures

Paris Rive Droite – Rive Gauche

Designer Philippe Model, a quintessential Parisian, paints a very personal picture of Paris in 16 shades that are easy to identify with. Find out what your favorite Parisian colour is!

Collection Inspiration - Ressource Peintures


These 48 shades revisit colour in 18th century France and shakes it up in an original way with an industrial cubist spirit.

Collection Paris Terrasses - Ressource Peintures

Paris Terrasses

These 8 new shades created by Philppe Model show Paris at its most lively, elegant and trendy. More than ever, Paris is the city that never sleeps.

San Francisco - Ressource Peintures

San Francisco

Using Ressource’s expertise, the facade of house number 3841 on 18th avenue in San Francisco was painted again in the original blue, that once made it famous. Discover all 4 shades created with French songwriter, Maxime Leforestier for this occasion.

Collection Orient Occident - Ressource Peintures

Orient Occident

For many centuries, colorings were sold in a similar way to spices. Embark on a journey to far-away lands with this collection of 55 shades.

Les Nouveaux Rouges, une Collection de teintes par Ressource

Les Nouveaux Rouges

Our tribute to the color of passion and magnificence in 24 nuances of red. Discover all our expertise and creativity combined for this one legendary color.

Collection Les Blancs Cassés - Ressource Peintures


Discover our collection of 24 off-whites, ranging from cream to more neutral tones, all from Patrick Baty’s historical research on colour.