Confluence is a collection by Robert Gervais created exclusively for Ressource with 8 timeless shades that render deep, long-lasting, and fresh atmospheres.


8 shades

At the meeting point of modernity and natural surroundings, these shades were imagined by this interior designer to decorate his “dream lodge” in the middle of the Pays de Caux. This tranquil landscape lies between the sea and the forest and inspired serene tones and evocative names such as falaise, silex, haute mer, bourgeon, mousse, bleu de manche, abysse and sous-bois.

They are a reflection of the chromatic diversity of this region and complete Robert Gervais’s first collection Cohérence inspired by natural aromatic herbs. These 8 new colors add to the collection of 16 dark and intense shades and 16 elegant greys.

CFL1 Falaise

CFL2 Silex

CFL3 Haute Mer

CFL4 Bourgeon

CFL5 Mousse

CFL7 Abysse

CFL8 Sous-Bois