The fine mineral lime plaster designed and developed by Ressource combines both contemporary and classic interiors. The great specificity of this lime-based coating lies in its smooth, unglazed, deeply matte appearance which makes it a unique product.

Fine Lime Mineral Plaster Collection

36 shades

This fine lime wash has many advantages:

  • It comes ready to use and not in a powder mix
  • It is pretinted in 36 mineral shades

Never seen before aesthetics:

  • It offers very thin coverage and a matte finish which looks nothing like a float, stucco or burnished finish which are usually shiny and in a fine grain size.
  • You can see the particles of mica which reinforce the mineral touch.

It is easy to use and the application technique is very close to that of coating. This product is thick by definition and therefore needs to be applied on top of a rough primer.

It is made of a thick acrylic under-coat which smoothens the surface making it possible to apply a second coat in a waferthin, constant and harmonious layer of lime wash

EF01 EF01

EF02 EF02

EF03 EF03

EF04 EF04

EF05 EF05

EF06 EF06

EF07 EF07

EF08 EF08

EF09 EF09

EF10 EF10

EF11 EF11

EF12 EF12

EF13 EF13

EF14 EF14

EF15 EF15

EF16 EF16

EF17 EF17

EF18 EF18

EF19 EF19

EF20 EF20

EF21 EF21

EF22 EF22

EF23 EF23

EF24 EF24

EF25 EF25

EF26 EF26

EF27 EF27

EF28 EF28

EF29 EF29

EF30 EF30

EF31 EF31

EF32 EF32

EF33 EF33

EF34 EF34

EF35 EF35

EF36 EF36