To match the first collection of “Forestine” wall paper, Ressource has specially created another 28 shades to add to its catalog, thus giving our customers an innovative and original approach to wall paper.


28 shades

At Ressource, we keep exploring new creative territory to build on our extraordinary heritage of colors and inspire our customers with new means of expression so that they may become the “artists of their lives”.

By co-creating a collection of wall paper and matching colors of paint, Ressources has added 28 new shades to its catalog that have been created specially to offer an original approach to wall paper. The paint colors serve to prolong the effect of the motifs of the wall paper collection, which offers new possibilities to designers, decorators and individual customers.

With this collection, we reinvented and repackaged the duo “wall paper and paint”: wall paper is to be applied in single strips on a stretch of a wall or on a panel and the paint is used to prolong the effect or as a reminder on an adjacent or opposite wall.

FOR01 Innocence

FOR02 Sédiment

FOR03 Source

FOR04 Ombrage

FOR05 Cosmique

FOR06 Atmosphère

FOR07 Fleuve

FOR08 Océan

FOR09 Monticole

FOR10 Céleste

FOR11 Nuitée

FOR12 Profondeur

FOR13 Marin

FOR14 Vague

FOR15 Galilée

FOR16 Étendue

FOR17 Fraîcheur

FOR18 Tangara

FOR19 Nippon

FOR20 Pinacée

FOR21 Vivace

FOR22 Colibri

FOR23 Feuillage

FOR24 Carbone

FOR25 Silicate

FOR26 Kaolin

FOR27 Paruline

FOR28 Essaim