Having set up outlets all around France, Ressource has had the opportunity to meet many interior designers and architects, plasticians, stylists and various other talented artists.

4 shades each that are both emblematic of the city they live in and of their unique creative style: Mr & Mrs Clynk in Nantes, Stéphanie Marin in Nice, Karine Lanny in Marseilles and Nathalie Rives in Lyon. The result of this co-creation is a new collection called Itinéraires.

Itinéraires Collection

16 shades

Nantes by Mr & Mrs Clynck

“Color allows us to be instinctive in our approach and to delve into all our recollections from childhood and from our travel experiences. We were inspired by the feel-good designs and bright colors of the seventies when we were children, by the radiant wax and striking contrasts of color that can be seen in West Africa, as much as by Greek whites, and Dutch blacks. We draw our inspiration from these eclectic sources with an insatiable appetite for color. We met Ressource while working on a joint project with the Nantes manufacturing company Andrée Jardin.

The idea of a joint collection inspired by the city of Nantes came naturally and thus the Itinéraires collection was born.

The starting point of this range is a deep and bright yellow complemented by stark contrasting colors such a dark ink blue inspired by the sailors’ pea coats, deep indigos and a creamy ceramic white. We wanted to create a very pure line of colors which reflected both our personal influences and life in a port-city. Yet again, this collection tells the story of our roots as well as that of our travels around the world.”

IT01 Caban

IT02 Pelican

IT04 Cargo

“The way I see it, color doesn’t exist as such. There are only textures covered with color. » When you associate the 2 you get a perception that we call red, blue or yellow. The interaction between colors, the way we offset them redefines our perception again and again. In my work as a designer, my approach of color and texture is very natural and innocuous.

When I created ‘habits magiques’ in Nice between 1993 and 2003, we handcrafted all the shades in my research and manufacturing workshop and used them to paint only natural materials. For renovation works I was asked to do, I used limewash and other coatings using natural pigments to make the color

Into each shade we put a unique formula, a specific mix of pigments and all our craftsmanship know-how.

When I came across Ressource’s paints, I found everything I have ever loved. The colors I selected for the Itinéraires collection are bold. Matte paint gives you a lot of freedom and makes these effects possible….

The colors of these natural pigments are vibrant. When you look at these colors, progressively you see something new in them due to the slight changes of light and they also evolve over time. I love watching these variations”

IT05 Jaune 2210

IT06 Gris 1610

IT07 Rouge 1303

IT08 Bleu 1407

Marseille by Karine Lanny

Born in Marseilles, Karine Lanny specializes in crafts and her skillful mastery of materials brought her to use various techniques including working with concrete.

She set up a series of partnerships with designers, screen-printers and metal workers, thus mixing craftsmanship and applied design.

Fascinated by interior design, she looks to integrate strong symbolic objects into everyday life. In 2013, Karine Lanny created Monochromic, a brand whose intention is to revisit everyday objects with a contemporary style, to update staples with a vast array of colors.

Sometimes intense, deep, joyous and subtle, sometimes dark or unsettling, colors go hand in hand with our life experiences and tell our story. It is said that our eyes are the windows to the soul and color the mirror of our emotions.

Karine Lanny’s contribution to Itinéraires, inspired by the Mediterranean, reveals the strong and contrasting hues of this sun-kissed and multifaceted region.

Lyon by Nathalie Rives

«Color is a question of light and interpretation ».

Nathalie has a passionate and colorful personality. For her, color is more than a philosophy, it’s an art de vivre as her interior design projects and the design of her Capsule tables illustrate.

The Itinéraires collection is an adventure which encapsulates everything that Nathalie Rives holds dear: brainstorming, creating, giving everyone the chance to write their own chapter in a shared story.

Nathalie Rives’ contribution to the Itinéraires collection may seem classical at first but when you associate these colors in an original way, they vary according to the light allowing their elegance and subtlety to shine through.