Our ancestors loved color. These historical shades are derived from various sources of Applied Arts (tapestry, earthenware…) and brought back to life by a true archeologist of color, Patrick Baty.

We have managed to render the most famous historical colors with contemporary paints while remaining as close as possible to the original.

Les Couleurs Historiques Collection

112 tints

Spanning Antiquity (Egypt, the Etruscans, China) to the 19th century, this palette of colors is taken from all kinds of decorative features : Chinese pottery, hard paste Wedgwood, strands of wool from tappestries, colors used by certain architects.

Presented in historical order instead of chromatic order, this collection is of the highest interest. It will show you how modern the oldest of ancient tones can actually look.

HC48 Etruscan Red

HC49 HC49

HC133 Famille Rose