We created this collection called “Les Nouveaux Rouges” around the legendary color red, which warms you and invites the most ordinary space to drape itself in magnificence.

Les Nouveaux Rouges Collection

24 tints

Red is the color of passion, of love and joie de vivre. It is both sensuous and stimulating! Just like opera, it is highly seductive and leaves no-one indifferent. Either you hate it or you love it. With its joyous nature, it is an essential color to transform any space and all its nuances from pink and fushia to brink pink and crimson red show off whites, neutral hues, greens, gold and grey wonderfully.

But the mere beauty of the range could never be our sole preoccupation. Indeed we needed to solve one of the age old inconveniences of this color of paint, its lack of coverage and resistance to light. To overcome these obstacles, we worked as much on the tint base as on the quality of the pigments. The collection of new reds sets the whole spectrum of this color ablaze:

  • vibrant oranges: Mercurio, Orféo, Liù, Cléopatre
  • extreme reds:Carmin, Faust, Rouge Opéra, Elaïsa
  • deep reds: La Scala, Thaïs, Cassandre, Aïda
  • elegant garnets: Lucrèce, Elvira, Fédora, Tosca
  • cheeky pink: Zerbinetta, Fiorilla, La Maréchale, Pamina
  • velvety crimson red: Reine de la nuit, Norma, Othello, Sémiramis

This collection is available in all our finishes. However we specially recommend the Silky Matte finish when applicable for impeccable coverage.

NR01 Liu

NR02 Orfeo

NR04 Mercurio

NR05 Faust

NR06 Rouge Opéra

NR07 Carmen

NR08 Elaïsa

NR09 Tosca

NR10 Fédora

NR11 Aïda

NR12 Thaïs

NR13 Cassandre

NR14 Elvira

NR15 La Scala

NR16 Lucrèce

NR17 Sémiramis

NR18 Othello

NR20 Norma