The 24 OW off-whites that comprise this range are all derived from the past.

This collection of off-whites looks fantastic when used as shades by themselves or matched with other colors. Ranging from cream to more neutral tones, they are suited to almost any surface when used with the right finish.


24 shades

In ancient times, professional painters used either oil paints or water paints. For woodwork it was usually oil paint and for plaster walls and ceilings it was usually tempera paint.

This very matte finish was made with chalk mixed with glue (made from bone, animal skin and pigments). The drawback was that it was neither washable nor very resistant to light.

Today Ressource enables you to return to these whites of yesteryear. They can be used on almost any surface and are well suited for ceilings, doors and all frames and marry nicely with both neutral and rich colors on the walls.

NTW (Not Totally White) NTW

QW (Quiet White) QW