Embark on a journey with Ressource to far-away lands with this collection of 55 shades whose names will remind you of the cities great explorers used to dream of!

Orient Occident Collection

55 tints

For many centuries, colorings which were usually minerals were sold in a similar way to spices. Warm colors were often created in countries where the light is strong. For centuries, the East has fascinated the West after having troubled it for a long time. Shimmering India came to us through England, Mediterranean colors came through the Ottomans and the Arabs who invaded all of southern Europe.

We felt compelled to render the influence the East had on the West with this beautifully colorful range. All these paints, which were often pigments diluted in limewash, were simply splashed onto the walls. It is rare now to find any traces in old farms in Spain, in Italy or in the South of France but it is still common all over North Africa and in India. Smooth the product using a limewash brush to give it its rope-like finish.

OROC01 Athos

OROC02 Corinthe

OROC03 Santorin

OROC04 Salerne

OROC05 Florence

OROC06 Smyrne

OROC07 Capri

OROC08 Tiznit

OROC09 Rhodes

OROC10 Carthagène

OROC11 Lorca

OROC12 Assise

OROC13 Antioche

OROC14 San Juan

OROC15 Marbella

OROC16 Melilla

OROC17 Bari

OROC18 Palma

OROC19 Jaïpur

OROC20 Arezzo

OROC21 Ferrare

OROC22 Venise

OROC23 Jodhpur

OROC24 Grenade

OROC25 Petra

OROC26 Mogliano

OROC27 Udaïpur

OROC28 Jaisalmer

OROC29 Agra

OROC30 Parme

OROC31 Jalna

OROC32 Pondichéry

OROC33 Karachi

OROC34 Lahore

OROC35 Syracuse

OROC36 Mykonos

OROC37 Patmos

OROC38 Torres

OROC39 Lagos

OROC40 Almeria

OROC41 Côme

OROC42 San Miguel

OROC43 San Angelo

OROC44 Monza

OROC45 Verone

OROC46 Saint Marin

OROC47 Ithaque

OROC48 Saint Florent

OROC49 Alexandrie

OROC50 Louxor

OROC51 Tarragone

OROC52 Alicante

OROC53 Izmir

OROC54 Antalya

OROC55 Istanbul