This is the story of a special encounter between Ressource and the famous French songwriter, Maxime Leforestier, who wrote the much loved song : « C’est une maison bleue, adossée à la colline, on y vient à pied, on ne frappe pas, ceux qui vivent là ont jeté la clé… » – « There is a blue house on the hillside. You can walk straight in. No need to knock, those who live there have thrown away the key. »

When his first eponymous album was being re-edited by Polydor Universal, looking through the archives, Maxime Leforestier found the address of the Blue House which inspired the lyrics of his first hit, 40 years ago!

San Francisco

4 tints

Using Ressource’s expertise, the facade of house number 3841 on 18th avenue in San Francisco was painted again in the original blue, that once made it famous, thus preserving a part of our French heritage.

The San Francisco shade called “The Blue” was a combined effort between Maxime Leforestier’s recollection of the original color and the wishes of the current owner. The colors Dark Blue, Brown and Off White were also created upon this occasion.

SF01 The Blue

SF02 Dark Blue

SF03 Off White

SF04 Brown