« Color is one of the ways I express myself, says Sarah Lavoine. Colour can give a greater perspective to a small space. Used in light touches, it can also instill charm and elegance where you wouldn’t necessarily expect it. Color is essential in all design work in my opinion. It changes the atmosphere entirely from warm to cold and importantly it affects your state of mind. »

Sarah Lavoine

Working alongside Ressource, the designer imagined a line of 36 intense, bright and timeless shades to vigorously revive and enhance spaces.

Collection Sarah Lavoine x Ressource

36 tints + 6 new tints !

Madly in love with color, Sarah Lavoine uses it to her heart’s content. Throughout all the interior design projects she has worked on for the past ten years and with the brand of funiture and decorative objects in her name, her one and only goal has been to enhance everday life. Her travels and boundless curiosity feed her inspiration and unique vision of interior design.

One of the colors stands out noticeably and is known as Sarah Blue. This shade is so identifiable that is has become one of the symbols of the brand. It came about as Sarah was looking for a particular shade to lighten her office which is high up just under the rooftops of Paris. Sarah Blue is a perfect balance between blue and green that varies according to the light.

SL01 Neige

SL03 Craie

SL04 Jasmin

SL05 Amande

SL06 Éminence

SL07 Charbon

SL08 Thé Fumé

SL10 Ardoise

SL11 Radis Noir

SL12 Laurier

SL13 Tournesol

SL14 Coquelicot

SL15 Malabar

SL16 Aubergine

SL21 Pensée

SL22 Curry

SL23 Bleu Paon

SL24 Piment

SL25 Minuit

SL26 Écorce

SL27 Orage

SL28 Nude

SL29 Archipel

SL32 Aqua

SL33 Eucalyptus

SL34 Coriandre

SL35 Bleu Sarah

SL36 Diabolo