It was only natural for Serge Bensimon and Ressource to work together on their shared passion for color.

The 51 shades of this collection are a window on the world, inspired by Latin America. Their names alone are an invitation to travel the world and to change your scenery: Frida, Diego, Yucantan, Sierra Madre, Veracruz, Rosario, Acapulco… images of Mexico and Argentina come straight to mind.

Serge Bensimon Collection

51 shades

Refreshing turquoise, lagoon greens, deep orange hues and bright fushias are to be found among these intense, modern and vibrant colors. They marry perfectly with neutral tones or revisited pastel colors creating unique contemporary interiors exuding positive energy and sensations that reveal a true intensity and art de vivre.

RSB01 Aztec

RSB02 Andes Quartz

RSB03 Maya

RSB04 Yucatan

RSB05 Inca

RSB06 Sierra Madre

RSB07 Toluca

RSB08 Sorona

RSB09 Frida

RSB10 Carmen Coral

RSB11 Begonia

RSB12 Pimiento

RSB13 Rosario

RSB14 Tuxpan

RSB16 Mexico

RSB17 Veracruz

RSB18 Pacific Sea

RSB19 Bahamas

RSB20 Acapulco

RSB21 Cactus Green

RSB22 Diego

RSB23 Amarillo

RSB24 Amethyst

RSB25 Talisman

RSB26 Aquila

RSB27 Peyotl

RSB28 Guadalupe

RSB29 Guarana

RSB30 Jacaranda

RSB31 Mimosa

RSB32 Cameo Pink

RSB39 Amish Red

RSB40 Sebastian

RSB41 Sculpture

RSB42 Sirocco

RSB43 Caraibes

RSB44 Toscane

RSB45 Mystic

RSB46 Perou

RSB47 Punjab

RSB48 London

RSB49 Moka

RSB50 Nocturne

RSB51 Pivoine

RSB52 Paradise

RSB53 Rajasthan