The 60s saw very bright colors appear on a great variety of decorative features such as wall paper, material, crockery and plastic objects for example.

The influence of POP, OP and PSYCHEDELIC ART topped with a penchant for nature was at the heart of design in the mid sixties when colors became bold and bright.

The 1960’s Colours Collection

25 tints

The 25 colors presented here are just a selection. The first, “Brilliant White” was widely successful for woodwork and embodied a previously unknown level of whiteness by adding titanium white. Two of them, ‘Gentian’ and ‘Lemon’ are from the original range, 22 were reconstructed using samples of material, wall paper or photos from books on design and decorating from that time.

POP02 Carnival

POP03 Lemon

POP04 Plum

POP05 Parroqueet

POP06 Shamrock

POP07 Mikado

POP08 Purple Pop

POP09 Firefly

POP10 Monte Carlo

POP11 Afghan Tan

POP12 Shocking Pink

POP13 Cactus

POP14 Orion

POP15 Hot Mustard

POP16 Saraband

POP18 Ever Green

POP19 Mood Violet

POP20 Rapture

POP21 Golden Brown

POP22 Sunbeam

POP23 Gentian

POP24 Deep Purple

POP25 Village Green