The 1970’s Colours is a collection made up of 16 colors as well as a gradient of 8 “Pure Greys”. This new range is the follow up of Patrick Baty’s work on the 50s and the 60s.

These seven colors are pure inventiontions of the 60s and 70s. They bear witness to the influence of the great designer David HICKS in the field of decorating over these two decades.

The 1970’s Colours Collection

24 tints

This British designer radically changed the way people decorated by swaping chinz and flowery motifs for geometrical patterns – inspired by “The grammar of Ornament” by Owen Jones – blended with a strong sense of color. He was an overnight success. The shades are Burnt Orange, Cola Colour, Green Gage, Purple Ink, Jewel Blue and Damson. These colors are emblematic of his work and are staged in his book “On Decoration”.

The shade Helena R comes from some of the work he did for the famous Rubenstein cosmetic company. The 9 other shades are also taken from the 1955 BS 2660 range which was not replaced before 1972. They were the most popular colors in the 60s and 70s of the whole chart. In fact, these colors were created to introduce more soothing neutral colors into decorating. There are many examples of these types of colors scattered in a good many color fans from these decades.

Pure Grey

Vintage Tints

VINT01 Carrot

VINT02 Jewel Blue

VINT03 Linden Green

VINT04 Cola Colour

VINT05 Raspberry

VINT06 Horizon

VINT07 Baltic

VINT08 Damson

VINT09 Rose Carmine

VINT10 Helena.R

VINT11 Lagoon

VINT12 Green Gage

VINT13 Royal Maroon

VINT14 Burnt Orange

VINT15 Oxlip

VINT16 Purple Ink