Yves Klein

New York, NY – In tribute to the artist, who would have been 90 years old this year, Ressource created the Yves Klein® paint inspired by the famous IKB (International Klein Blue). The artisanal industry, the Provencal roots, the research of color and texture, its visual aspect, the technical knowledge, are all common values which made this partnership obvious.

Yves Klein Collection

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For Ressource, which has always put meaningful partnerships at the heart of its creativity and collections, this unprecedented and symbolic collaboration once again confirms its commitment and its support to the art and creative industry.

After extensive research, Ressource has developed this vibrant and luminous hue, with the support of the Yves Klein Archives.

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Yves Klein x Ressource Teinte Yves Klein®

What was it about the color Blue that was so fascinating to Yves Klein?

From a very young age, Yves Klein was fascinated by the blue skies of the Mediterranean, so much so that “he resented the birds for making holes in the biggest and most beautiful of all his artwork”.
Aged 19, sitting on the beach in Nice alongside two of his friends, together they decided, to “divide the world amongst themselves”: Armand chose the earth and all its riches, Claude Pascal chose the air, and Yves chose the sky and infinity. Since that night in 1947, the color of the skies, of space and of infinity became Yves Klein’s blue.

What is so special about Yves Klein’s Blue?

In 1956, at the age of 28, Yves Klein singled out the ultramarine blue pigment which is a highly saturated color and according to him “the most perfect expression of blue”.
Yves Klein was fascinated by pure pigment: mat, luminous and of incomparable intensity. Pigments were, for the artist, “the purest form of pictorial sensibility”, the very essence of paint, a volatile, elusive and fragile powder.
Traditional binders would always alter the pigment’s luminescence. So with the help of a chemist, Yves Klein sought to create a binder which would retract as it dried to leave only pure pigment so ultramarine blue could be seen in its original state. It is the binder that gives the paint its brightness.
He invented a color named IKB “International Klein Blue” and patented it with the French Intellectual Property Institution, INPI in 1960.
This “more than blue” blue radiates a colourful vibration. Extraordinarily, it is not only the spectator who sees with his eyes but the spirit which uses the eyes to see.
Whereas some artists merely use color as a purely visual manifestation, Yves Klein gave it a spiritual and mystical dimension.

How did Ressource and Yves Klein come together?

o mark the 90th anniversary, the Yves Klein Archives decided to create an Ultramarine Blue paint based on Yves Klein’s invention. Choosing French decorative paint manufacturer Ressource, was the natural choice. Our company originated in Provence and has craftsmanship at its roots. We have performed extensive research into color, textures and effects. We fully master shades and how to render sensations with specific techniques.
Ressource was therefore the ideal choice of manufacturer capable of developing a high quality decorative paint that could render this Ultramarine Blue with stability.
At Ressource, we believe that painting is an art form combining culture, historical and present times. Creating an interior wall paint in the most iconic of colors in the history of Art was a very exciting challenge!

How did Ressource create the Yves Klein® shade?

This unique shade is unlike any other blue. It is not only a color; it has a specific light and texture so it was essential for Ressource to invent a specific process to render its brightness.
To do so, Ressource used Yves Klein’s very own work and research. Ressource’s laboratory developed a 2-step process: first you apply a specially created under-coat that emulates the binder that Yves Klein used. Its roughness fixes the pigments which enhances the intensity of the paint applied as a second coat.
As is the case for all Ressource paints, our Yves Klein® paint respects the strictest European environmental standards.

The Yves Klein® shade and interior design

The sea and the sky are the first things that come to mind when we think about the color blue. In Yves Klein’s own words, «Blue has no proportion, it goes beyond proportion». This shows how for him the color blue embodied freedom, both as a terrain and as a material.
Our Ressource Yves Klein® shade captures the mystery and magic of this color and that’s what makes this paint so exceptional. This supreme blue is characterised by its unparalleled profundity. Just like Yves Klein’s monochrome paintings, it gives space a new dimension. Its luminescence makes it a radiant shade which will illuminate any interior.
Ever since it was first invented, this color has never ceased to amaze by its timelessness and effortless combination with any style. Often used in stark contrast with white for a very contemporary look, it can be a powerful statement in a more classical interior and you’ll be surprised how it also matches bold or sober colors in a truly unique way.
This blue invites you to be creative and it is without contest the very essence of Yves Klein’s existence and genius.

About Yves Klein

Nice’s blue sky sees the birth of an artist, Yves Klein, who pays tribute throughout his life to his native city.

At the age of 26, Yves Klein, son of painters whose first vocation was to be judoka, decided to devote his life to Art.

Driven by the idea of “freeing the color from the prison of the line”, Yves Klein turns to monochromy. According to Klein, it is the only way for paint to “see what is visible in the absolute.” Prioritizing the expression of sensitivity more than the figuration of the form, Yves Klein goes beyond any artistic representation and conceives the work of art as the trace of the artist’s communication with the world.

The passion of blue
According to Yves Klein, “Blue has no dimension, it is out of dimension, contrary to the other colors. All colors bring associations of concrete ideas. While blue recalls at most, the sea and the sky, and what it is in the tangible and visible nature, the most abstract.” The blue will become his signature.

1957, creation of IKB
Yves Klein creates the International Klein Blue. From this, “blue more than blue” radiates a colored vibration that engages not only the viewer’s gaze, “it is the mind that sees with the eyes.”

1962, One more star in the sky of Nice
Yves Klein’s life was that of a shooting star: a quest for freedom and audacity that will mark the world of Art considerably.