Our choice went naturally to the Forestine Studio, owned by Annabelle Vermont, who is none other than the great granddaughter of the founder of the Ressource Group when the time came to open our House of Wallpaper Design.

She has designed 10 exclusive motifs for Ressource, available in several colours and occasionally in various sizes, amounting to 45 wallpaper references in total.

Inspired by the brand’s birthplace in Provence (France), Annabelle Vermont displays nature in a very universal, abundant and colourful way. She incorporates flowers, plants, insects and birds as well as hand-drawn fauna and flora, all in a very contemporary style.

Collection Forestine

10 patterns, 45 variations

2 variations

4 variations

8 variations

La Rondes des Oiseaux
4 variations

3 variations

Sous les pins
2 variations

Paradis caché
5 variations

3 variations