Colour advice in shop

Ressource’s color expert advice is a process where we create together, for you!

Creating an entirely personalised interior is to be taken seriouly as it takes a thorough analysis of the aesthetics of your everyday environmentt!

What is it about?

Our expert color advice is provided in our stores where we assist you in choosing your shades and finishes. Our expert advice is a 30 minute discussion with our experts whose knowledge is kept up to date through in-house training courses.


Le conseil couleur par Ressource

How does it work?

When you walk into one of our stores, an expert will be there to make you feel welcome and help you with your project.

If you would like further exclusive assistance from one of our experts, we will recommend an in-store or an on-site programme according to your availabilities. Fees apply.


Le conseil couleur par Ressource

To help you with your choice, we have developped a whole range of selection tools. In our stores, you will find chromatic catalogues, A4 hand-painted samples, gradients and large-sized painted pannels which will enable you to appreciate the shades fully and see how they react to light.


Le conseil couleur par Ressource

We use these tools to advise you and to guide you in deciding which shades you prefer within our Ressource catalogue.

Look, compare and contrast the shades to appreciate the finesse of the nuances and the spectrum of our range.

The selection tools in our stores combined with our expert assistance make buying shades and finishes a collaborative and fun experience.


The tools

We have always used real hand-painted tools. Available in different sizes, they contribute to your understanding of color with our various finishes.


First of all, our chromatic catalogue will be your best way to get a full overview of our range of shades. Each shade is classified by family and presented in a small square (reds, blues, yellows, greens, greys…).

Then, you will able to check your perception of the shades you have selected on our large-sized presentation pannels. Set out by family, these pannels show each shade on A3 hand-painted samples.

As you move forward in your choice, you will narrow your selection down to make you final decision, again using samples. Our samples will become your best friends as they are easy to handle and big enough to appreciate the color painted on them. Compare and contrast the colors, watch how the shades evolve according to the light and backlight, see if they are suitable for room angles. You’ll have plenty to do!


Le conseil couleur par Ressource


Around one of the worktables, assisted by one of our color experts, you will be guided to compare and match the different shades you have chosen. According to the room where you would like to apply the paint, a finish will be recommended to you.


Le conseil couleur par Ressource


Depending on the advancement of your project, our expert will calcuate the quantities of paint you will need if you provide us with the room measurements.

On-site validation

This is the last step of our in-store advice, the purpose being to validate the choice that you have made in store, directly in your home.

Lighting, the height of the ceiling, the floor, the furniture and the fabrics, all of these influence colors painted on walls and the perception you may have of the shades.

To help you in this endeavor, Ressource sells test paint pots (100 ml) of our full tone paints in matte and cards to paint on to see how the colors change at various times of day.

This is the best way to see the shades in the heart of your home surrounded by all who live in it.


Le conseil couleur par Ressource