Sarah Lavoine

Sarah Lavoine is madly in love with color and she uses it to her heart’s content. In conjunction with Ressource, she created a line of 36 intense, vivid and timeless shades which vigorously revive and enhance spaces.

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Annabelle Vermont

Annabelle Vermont is a free spirited, vibrant artist whose career has been very diverse. So far, she has worked in fashion design, interior design, set design and screen printing before focussing exclusively on designing patterns and motifs in her own creative studio, Forestine.

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Karine Lanny

Born in Marseilles, Karine Lanny specialises in crafts and her skilful mastery of materials brought her to use various techniques including working with concrete.

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Maison de Vacances

Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac are the couple at the helm of Maison de Vacances.

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Mr & Mrs Clynk


Jérôme is an interior designer and an instructor. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués « Olivier de Serres » in Paris.


Karine is a designer and color expert. She graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués « Duperré » in Paris and from the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs de Paris.

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Nathalie Rives

Nathalie grew up and studied communication in Paris. She lived in Buenos Aires for two years and in New Nork for six years. Inspired by multiculturalism, she became a keen observer through contact with others.

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Patrick Baty

True archaeologist of color, British Architectural Paint Specialist, Patrick Baty has been indexing paint used from Ancient times to the first half of the 20th century for over 30 years.

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Philippe Model

Recognised designer and artist in the world of fashion and decorating, Philippe Model is a beautifier, revealing and developing the identity of spaces.

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Robert Gervais

Of his Mediterranean childhood, Robert Gervais has kept a unique sensitivity to color and light.

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Serge Bensimon

As a designer, Serge Bensimon has been developing his vision of Lifestyle for over 25 years. True alchimiste of color, he never ceases to surprise season after season with his happy and joyous designs.

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Stéphanie Marin

French designer, Stéphanie Marin chose to move towards eco-design as early as 2002 when she decided to expand her research to design and to the home. She makes no concessions between conception and comfort, quality and imagination.

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Through tradition and experimentation, Ressource’s approach is innovative, technical and creative all at once. Excellence in art crafts and cutting-edge research serve numerous original and modern artistic visions.

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