Maison de Vacances

Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac are the couple at the helm of Maison de Vacances. They have been showing their ethical and esthetic commitment for over 20 years through their timeless boheme-chic collections enabling you to dress your interior the same way as you dress every day.

Brushed Limewash Paint – Burnished effect
Smoothed Lime Paint
Brushed Limewash Paint – Cloudy effect
Brushed Limewash Paint – Stretched effect

77 shades

Interior designer


Ressource Recommendation
Maison de Vacances is serious about its responsibility towards the environment and only uses natural materials. They express their esthetic style through the unique quality and finish of their collections of fabric. Maison de Vacances is a French interior design brand which creates ethical, colorful and beautifully textured fabrics.

The Ressource x Maison de Vacances collection opens a world of possibilities to all those who love color and texture with equivalences between Ressource’s lime wash paints and Maison de Vacances’s fabrics.