Nathalie Rives

Nathalie grew up and studied communication in Paris. She lived in Buenos Aires for two years and in New Nork for six years. Inspired by multiculturalism, she became a keen observer through contact with others. Eclecticism is a common thread throughout all her original creation. Her work is filled with all she is passionate about: art, designers of yesterday and today, colors and artisanal savoir-faire.

«I have the utmost respect for carpet weavers, gilders, seamstresses, woodworkers and painters without whom we would be mere conductors without an orchestra. I am extremely lucky to be passionate about my work and to be able to choose who I want to live and share it with.»

Nathalie Rives


4 shades

Interior designer


Recommended by Ressource
The atmospheres Nathalie creates are warm and elegant where works of art meet books and original pieces. They are an invitation to live wholly, to evolve and to share.