Philippe Model

Recognised designer and artist in the world of fashion and decorating, Philippe Model is a beautifier, revealing and developing the identity of spaces.

Deeply inspired by the shades used in France in the 17th and 18th centuries, he invents new and subtle hues that are distinctly futuristic and in perfect harmony with the natural Parisian light.

Philippe Model has created evocative collections for RESSOURCE such as « Sérénité », « Inspiration », « Paris Rive Droite, Rive Gauche » followed by « Paris Terrasses ».

Inspired by his experience using metallic leather for fashion, he also created special tints called « Subtiles Patines » that you can find in our Velatura Walls and Furniture range and which are a delicate mix of color and metallic powder.

Paris Rive Droite Rive Gauche
Paris Terrasses 

196 shades

Designer & Interior Designer


Recommended by Ressource
Philippe Model has a rare sensitivity to color. In his collections, you will find childhood memories reminiscent of quiet sunlit moments on holiday and journeys to imaginary lands which will make you immediately appreciate the atmosphere he creates.