Stéphanie Marin

French designer, Stéphanie Marin chose to move towards eco-design as early as 2002 when she decided to expand her research to design and to the home. She makes no concessions between conception and comfort, quality and imagination. Her technique guides her throughout her work.

Her unconventional projects serve to remind how close art and design really are.


4 shades



Recommended by Ressource

The freshness and happy feel of the Côte d’Azur are captured by Stéphanie Marin in her palette of colors. « When I came accross Ressource’s paints, I found everything I have always loved. The colors I selected for the Itinéraires collection are bold, matte paint gives you a lot of freedom….The colors on natural materials are vibrant. When you look at these colours, progressively, you see something new due to the slight changes of light and they also evolve over time. I love watching these variations appear». Stéphanie Marin