Les Bleus

From midnight blue to sky blue and all the variations of blue in-between like those found in the sea as you dive deeper and deeper, les Bleus de Ressource exude freshness, softness and an elegant intensity. The sea, the sky and night are the first things that come to mind when we think of the color blue.

Yves Klein said « blue is larger than life », which shows how free the color blue made him feel.
At Ressource, we supply many nuances of blue as it is a truly multifaceted color and so that everyone can find the shade that suits them best.

Among the blue-greens, there is the iconic Sarah blue « SL35 - Bleu Sarah » of course, but prior to that Ressource had already created a large selection of beautifully elegant shades between blue and green like Biscay Bay - F48, le C02 – Gentiane or Bleu de Manche – CFL06, which is a designer favorite. In the Ressource x Serge Bensimon collection, you will find RSB22 – Diego which is also in this vein. More recently, the Forestine collection has completed this « family of nuances » with FOR05 - Cosmique and FOR 07 – Affluent, slightly deeper and all the more soothing.

The light blues of the Sérénité and Inspiration collections are an absolute must: S09 – Bleu Nuage, i33 - Bleu Avril, i37 - Bleu Averse. Naturally, the blues of our other collections have a part to play in this palette of blue skies evocative of warm sunny days: RD01 - Blanc de Meudon from the Paris Rive Gauche – Rive Droite collection, RSB26 – Aquila from the Serge Bensimon collection, SC293 – Sky Blue from the Les Couleurs Traditionnelles collection.

Intense blues of the Côte d’Azur are magnificently represented by the following shades: HC29 – Pale Nankin Blue, HC112 – Majolica Blue, OROC38 – Torres and others from the Orient-Occident collection which whisk you away to the edge of the Mediterranean like OROC36 – Mykonos et OROC37 – Patmos.

The deep blues of the Forestine collection like FOR11 – Nuitée, FOR12 – Profondeur and FOR 14 – Vague open a window onto the abyss and new colors such as HC30 – Deep Nankin Blue from the  Les Couleurs Historiques collection, C18 – Barbe bleue or IT15 – Bleu Velours created by Nathalie Rives and taken from her collection Itinéraires, complete the selection.

Discover our Ressource indigo blues which are close to the English term « purple »: POP24 – Deep Purple, SL21 – Pensée, POP08 – Purple Pop, VINT08 – Damson, RSB24 – Amethyst, VINT16 – Purple Ink.

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