Les Jaunes

Sun, cheerfulness, spices, ochres, warm neutrals, les Jaunes Ressource comfort and energize your interior! Together, let's go around this family oh so interesting.

The yellow skin: between makeup and earth, sometimes drawing on pink sometimes on orange and ocher, this subfamily conveys a sweetness that we want to touch.

The selection to discover : HC99 Gobelin Pink, HC117 Aubusson Carnation, 0020 Arezzo, HC121 – Aubusson Icarnadine, S111 – Beige Foin, HC70 – Pale Grès de Flandres Brown, SC299 – Timber Colour.

The orange yellows: burning, vitaminized and sometimes even electric, the yellow orange Ressource bring life and dynamism.

The selection to discover : RSB12 – Pimiento, IT11 – Corail d’Oursin, POP07 – Mikado, POP15 – Mustard, OROC16 – Melilla, VINT01 – Carrot, OROC18 – Palma, OROC17 – Bari.

The neutral yellows: calm, creamy, beige, even pulling up to light brown, these tones are safe values for modern, natural and cozy atmospheres. Evoking natural materials such as raw linen, rope, straw or even unwashed cotton, these colors can bring a certain authenticity and a stamp to your interior.

The selection to discover : HC126 – Aubusson Diaper, HC119 – Aubusson Cream, F10 – Oat Meal, OROC07 – Capri, HC76 – Mid Mortlake Brown, OROC08 – Tiznit, SC208 – Roman Ochne, HC28 – Tang Yellow.

The solar yellows, or yellow honey, are among the Ressource shades that seem to us to illustrate these colors and sensations in closer detail. At the same time vibrant, warm and greedy, these shades are true madeleines of Proust, bring the sun home with this selection of shades : F07 – Golden Buff, HC23 - Imperial Chinese Yellow, VINT15 – Oxlip, IT05 – Jaune 2210, SL13 – Tournesol, FOR27 – Paruline, POP03 – Lemon, SL22 – Curry.

The lemon yellows: light, bright, light, tart, these yellows are fresh and subtle. Ideal for infusing light with delicacy.

The selection to discover : OROC09 – Rhodes, F04 – Yellow Essence, F05 – Mellow Yellow, i18 – Jaune Raisin, OROC10 – Carthagène, F06 – Mimosa Yellow, OROC11 – Lorca, RSB23 – Amarillo.

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