Les Neutres 1

Sensitive, fresh, mineral, les Neutres 1 de Ressource offers a beautiful palette of gray, ideal for modern and uncompromising atmospheres.

Pure grays are very useful for counterbalancing colorful moods and are characteristic of graphic and contemporary atmospheres. Beyond the 8 shades "Pure Gray" that perfectly illustrate this type of gray and are part of the collection The 1970's Colors, other colors are part of this line.

The selection to discover : S15 – Gris Photo, S18 – Gris Photo, S19 – Gris Photo, PG01 à PG08 – Pure Grey.

Neutral bluish, clear and bright, are interesting colors to replace a gray for freshness, or instead of a white to avoid a too hard contrast.

The selection to discover : FOR02 – Sédiment, SC296 – Lead Colour, S12 – Gris Photo, C12 – Ciste, SC294 – Pearl Colour.

Purple neutrals bring with them a softness and a discreet warmth.

Discover them through the following references  : RSB41 – Sculpture, C30 – Chardon de Mulet, IT06 – Gris 1610, S84 – Gris Bouleau, S85 – Gris Bouleau, S87 – Gris Bouleau, S88 – Gris Bouleau, S89 – Gris Bouleau, i12 – Taupe Glace.

The green neutrals, which are similar to gray warmed by a hint of green, convey a soothing and enveloping sensation brought by the underlying idea of ​​the plant. Ideal allies of cozy but comfortable environments, they are regularly used by renowned decorators.

The selection to discover  : F18 – Mineral Grey, F22 – Ormond, i23 – Gris Chaud, C25 – Queue de Lièvre, C27 – Cœur de Marie, C28 – Charmille, SL12 – Laurier, CFL07 – Abysse, FOR24 - Carbone.

The unbleached neutrals, full of light and softness, are ideal for warming an interior in subtlety. This is why they are often the best substitutes for white. If our collection "Les Blancs Cassés" is dedicated to these ecru borrowed from the past, the other collections are full of these essential hues.

The selection to discover  : S91 – Grège Ciment, S117 – Crème Café, SL01 – Neige, SL03 – Craie, OROC01 – Athos.

Brown neutrals, more present than unbleached neutrals, are timeless classics. Warm and soft, they blend perfectly with the interiors with cachet creating a shades with natural wood beams or floors.

The selection to discover  : RSB04 – Yucatan, RSB06 – Sierra Madre, S102 – Brun Cèpe, S107 - Brun Cèpe, SC235, i21 – Gris Chaud.

SC266 SC266

SC234 SC234

SC219 SC219