Les Neutres 2

Sweet, warm, creamy, comforting, les Neutres 2 de Ressource is the ideal pallet for soft and sensitive atmospheres.

The green beiges, these subtle neutrals exist at Ressource and are very interesting to have light and complex shades.

The selection to discover : S57 – Vert Jaune, OW17, SC245 – Stone Colour, F14 – Grey Dream, SC267, SC301 – Dark Stone, SC231 – Drab Colour.

The orange-colored beiges, at Ressource, translate into light and gourmet neutrals.

The selection to discover : OW07, OW03, OROC02 – Corinthe, HC100 – Gobelin Grey, HC127 – Beauvais Cream, i09 – Pêche Thé, i10 – Pêche Thé, SC239.

The pinkish beiges allow you to bring a soft warmth within your interior.

The selection to discover : S90 – Gris Bouleau, S99 – Grège Noix, SC240, SC259, HC129 – Beauvais Lilac.

The moles, classic of the modern and warm atmospheres, are represented by a large choice within the Ressource catalog.

The selection to discover : CFL1 – Falaise, i11 – Taupe Glacé, S42 – Beige Chameau, C14 – Houblon Doré, C16 – Fleur des Elfes, S104 – Brun Cèpe, SF04 – Brown, S103 – Brun Cèpe.

Browns, composed of medium and dark chestnuts, bring strength and character married to lighter neutrals.

The selection to discover : HC120 – Aubusson Brown, HC77 – Deep Mortlake Brown, C07 – Noisetier, HC63 – Verdure Brown, S103 – Brun Cèpe, VINT04 – Cola Colour, S34 – Brun Choco.

SC240 SC240

SC239 SC239

OW13 OW13

OW15 OW15

OW16 OW16

OW17 OW17

OW19 OW19

OW21 OW21

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