Les Rouges

Elegance of the carmines, voluptuousness of the bright reds, softness of the roses, les Rouges de Ressource seduce and captivate by giving a soul to your walls

Red, as a mythical color has long been undeveloped in terms of interior paint offerings. Ressource, using his laboratory, looked into this lack and created an entire collection dedicated to red called "Les Nouveaux Rouges" including 24 shades.

You will find a plethora of intense red hues in the collection « Les Nouveaux Rouges » but also within other full-tone collections.

The selection to discover : F31 – Afghan Red, NR03 – Cléopâtre, NR05 – Faust, NR06 – Rouge Opéra, NR10 – Fédora, NR11 – Aïda, NR15 – La Scala, SL14 – Coquelicot, POP20 – Rapture.

Carmines have many sublime hues within the Resource Catalog. These dark, deep and elegant reds are sumptuous, discover the anthology of the following references to the evocative name : VINT13 – Royal Maroon, POP16 – Saraband, RSB39 – Amish Red, IT14 – Rouge Ébène, SL24 – Piment, NR16 – Lucrèce, C20 – Croix de Jérusalem, SL16 – Aubergine.

Purplish reds
Equipped with the sensuality of red and the force of blue, these "purplish reds" have the power to create a cozy atmosphere with a hint of mystery.

The selection to discover : NR17 – Semiramis, NR18 – Othello, NR20 – Norma, OROC27 – Udaïpur, RSB35 – Magenta Red, C24 – Ronce à Fleur, i06 – Vin Mauve, RSB40 – Sebastian, RSB15 – Bougainvillier, POP04 – Plum, SL20 – Lilas des Indes, NR19 – La Maréchale.

The mauves
Sweetness and neutrality, are the promises that mauves can bring into an interior thanks to their gray content.

The selection to discover : S24 – Gris Mauve, S25 – Gris Mauve, HC87 – Wedgwood Lilac, S26 – Gris Mauve, S29 – Gris Mauve, S32 – Gris MauveS30 – Gris Mauve, RG13 – Platane, i05 – Vin Mauve.

Vivacity and freshness are the qualities of modern and well-understood roses that Ressource offers you.

The selection to discover : SL17 – Rose d’Amour, S65 – Corail Rose, F30 – Blossom, S45 – Rose PoudréS46 – Rose Poudré, S47 – Rose Poudré.

Pale roses
Femininity and benevolence are the key words of Ressource's pale roses. Immerse yourself in your comforting childhood memories while rediscovering the rose through its fresh, gray or slightly dull shades that make it a very contemporary color.

The selection to discover : S71 – Corail rose, S52 – Rose Poudré, S53 – Rose Poudré, S54 – Rose Poudré, OROC28 – Jaisalmer, F27 – Orchid Smoke, RG15 – Rosier, RSB32 – Caméo Pink, S48 – Rose Poudré, F25 Rose Breath, F28 – Evening Haze.