Les Verts

Intimately linked to nature, les Verts de Ressource are sometimes marine, vegetal, sweet, acidic, fresh or even enveloping.

The emerald greens, blue, both mysterious and invigorating are present in all collections which is ultimately a wide choice in this family of greens.

The selection to discover: FOR 21 – Vivace, POP10 – Monte Carlo, RSB37 – New Turquoise, VINT11 – Lagoon, CFL3 – Haute Mer, OROC48 – Saint Florent, RSB19 – Bahamas, RSB17 – Veracruz, FOR19 – Nippon, SL29 – Archipel.

Gray greens are very interesting neutrals: calm, serene, soft. They are the allies of relaxing and refined atmospheres as well as children's rooms.

The selection to discover: S76 – Vert Amande, HC128 – Beauvais Grey, SC264, I29 Vert Mesclun, HC24 – Sung Grey, S77 – Vert Amande.

For lovers of green chlorophyll, Ressource also offers a set of particularly lively colors.
Discover the 0055 – Istanbul of the Orient-Occident Collection, the POP13 – Cactus collection Serge Bensimon x Resource then be seized by the nuggets of the collection Les Historiques such as the HC60 – Medici Green, the HC79 – Pale Empire Green and the HC42 – Cucumber.

Very present, masculine and elegant, green khaki establish a certain power and a lot of character to an interior. To sit neutral tones or calm other bright colors, tone-on-tone or camaieu for camouflage harmonies, they have more than one card to play.
Among the persimmon resource, here are some suggestions to discover: F20 – Putty, F38 - Green Fog, C06 – Herbes Aux Éclairs, S122 – Vert Lichen, S124 – Vert Lichen, SC302 Olive Colour, i25 Velours Tilleul.

Finally, a set of hues that can be classified as very light greens with a touch of yellow have a particular interest: they can be used as neutrals while articulating a yellow and a green in the same interior. To get an idea, browse this palette in the following order : S58 – Vert Jeune, OW10, S80 - Jaune Pois, S81 - Jaune Pois, S82 - Jaune Pois, S83 - Jaune Pois, S78 - Jaune Pois, F35 – Absinthe Yellow.

SC268 SC268

SC270 SC270

SC264 SC264

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