choose your paint finish

What is a paint finish ?

When choosing your paint finish, an important question is: «How will the aspect of the paint influence the shade you’ve selected? ».

Color is a physical sensation that depends on lighting, on the surface and on the human eye. When you paint, you are applying a film of color over a surface.

Finish may be considered as the texture of that film.

Depending on whether the texture of the film is dimpled or smooth, matte or glossy, the light won’t reflect in the same way which will induce a different effect, a different feel.

The final perception of the color will depend on:

  • natural and/or artificial lighting  in the room
  • the chosen shade
  • the texture of the paint
  • the surroundings: furnishings, the color of the floor and of the ceiling.

In short, a paint finish is the effect rendered by a given type of paint on a given surface.

The different types of finish

Beyond any aesthetic considerations, the finish of the paint has a direct impact on its resistance.

Matte finishes

Matte finishes reflect the light poorly. This gives the shades great depth and very calm and pleasing colors.

Cleaning instructions: Their composition makes matte paints quite fragile. They can be washed but strong colors especially may develop a sheen.

Satin finishes

Satin finishes are a compromise between matte paint and glossy paint.  They have a slight sheen and reflect the light softly.

Cleaning instructions: Their composition makes satin finishes resistant and an ideal choice for your interior mixing strength and beauty. They can be easily washed.

High gloss finishes

Glossy finishes are highly reflective and create a « mirror effect».
They may be used to make a specific element stand out or establish a contrast between matte and sheen.

Cleaning Instructions: High gloss finishes become very hard when they dry and this makes them very easy to wash and highly resistant to splashes of water. They are a great choice for bathrooms. However, you will need to prepare your walls carefully as this paint will show all their imperfections.

How to choose your Ressource Paint Finish


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high gloss finishes


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Our Ressource catalogue is comprised of over 900 full-tone shades. These shades are available in 7 different finishes going from deep matte to high gloss.

Follow our recommendations and discover our finishes from the most matte to the shiniest.

For your decorating project, don’t hesitate to visit our stores to take advantage of our expert personalized service.

Powder matte

Exceptionally deep matte paint with a dimpled and powdery feel. It can also be applied using a spalter paint brush for a more contemporary look.
Ideal for light and medium shades on walls and ceilings.

Cleaning Instructions: Easily washed.

Take a look at Powder Matte finish

Matte gloss

Velvety matte paint, highly resistant with a soft and silky touch. Smooth effect.
Perfect for all shades

Cleaning Instructions: wash gently.

Take a look at Matte gloss finish

Satin matte

Non sheen velvety matte paint. Extremely smooth effect and ideal for contemporary interiors.
Perfect for dark and somber or bright shades on walls and ceilings in all rooms.

Cleaning Instructions : wash gently.

Take a look at Satin matte finish

Velvet satin

Highly resistant paint with a delicate satin effect.
Ideal for rooms that are subject to stains. Works well on door and window frames.

Cleaning Instructions : easily washed

Take a look at Velvet satin finish

Satin lacquer

Highly resistant paint with a strong satin and smooth effect. (Semi-gloss)
Ideal for rooms that are subject to stains. Works well on walls, door and window frames.

Cleaning Instructions: easily washed.

Take a look at Satin lacquer finish

High gloss

High sheen and perfectly smooth.
Perfect in all shades and all rooms. Works well on walls, ceilings and woodwork.

Cleaning Instructions: easily washed

Take a look at High Gloss finish