coatings and limewash

Ressource boasts a long history of mastering colour as it was created by the Société Provençale du Blanc Fixe des Ocres et Couleurs.

Founded in 1946 for the purpose of ochre mining in the Roussillon area in Provence, the company, renowned for its traditional artisanal expertise, was initially aimed at professional customers only.


Lime effects


coated with different renderings


exclusive collections



Burnished Lime Paint

Burnished Lime Paint renders a spectacular mineral look with matte and shiny variations which you can accentuate by using our water-based finishing wax.

burnished lime paint

Smoothed Lime Paint

Smoothed Lime Paint gives a deep and striking look with a matte and velvety finish which can be further enhanced by using our water-based finishing wax.

smoothed lime paint

Cloudy Brushed Lime Paint

Cloudy Brushed Lime Paint gives a dense and textured decorative look with its matte grained finish.

cloudy brushed lime paint

Stretched Brushed Lime Paint

This lime wash coating gives a sober yet highly decorative style with a traditional natural finish.

stretched brushed lime paint

Enduit Minéral Chaux Fine

L’enduit minéral chaux fine s’associe aussi bien aux intérieurs contemporains que classiques.

enduit minéral chaux fine

Enduit romain

Cet enduit à la chaux pré-teinté est l’héritier du splendide et très ouvrageux Marmorino. Son fini tendu, doux et légèrement lustré, s’intègrera dans de nombreux types de décors.

enduit romain


L’enduit Structure propose un effet graphique simple et efficace idéal pour les intérieurs modernes.

enduit structure


L’enduit Empreinte propose un effet graphique et sophistiqué qui s’intégrera très bien dans les intérieurs modernes.

enduit empreinte